Our original opening over 20yrs ago in our original location.


The Village Variety opened for business in 1989 in a quaint old-style wooden building that had previously housed a convenience store run by the late Louis Deer in the village area of Kahnawake. We specialized in a mixture of merchandise that generally were not readily available in Kahnawake at the time, for example, pet foods; stationary and supplies; partyware such as greeting cards, wrapping paper, gift bags, giftware and toys to name just a few. In addition to having these types of items available to the community, our selection had to be well-priced and value driven to live up to our slogan at the time of “Bargains Galore”! The community supported our business and we soon had to move and expand to meet the growing demand.

Today we are centrally located in the “heart of the village” on the Old Malone Highway and have added value-added services such as cheque exchange and customer accounts to our extensive and growing list of household products and departmental offerings. We often hear from customers that they had been looking all over for a certain item and they finally found it at the Village Variety!